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Over 1,000,000 lights will transform Cleveland, Mississippi into a winter wonderland this holiday season. Join us from November 12th until January 1st for an incredible  display of lights that can be viewed every night by walking down the trail, or by driving through! Admission is free.


Many years ago, a group of ladies including Mrs. Jane Dunlap, Mrs. Clemmie Collins, and Mrs. Jo Beth Janoush started a Holiday tradition downtown and encouraged business owners to put white lights in their windows and had white light trees installed on the green strip and started “Light Up Your Holidays”. The downtown lighting later expanded to include rooftop lighting on the buildings in the downtown area.


In 2016, the Janoush Family added the beautiful tree downtown, along with many other awesome lighted and animated decorations.

There was a tree lighting ceremony for the new tree, which was a great success and brought many people downtown.  After seeing the excitement over our new decorations, a committee was formed to expand on what had been started with the goal of making downtown Cleveland a destination place for people to come look at our downtown lights and decorations.


The committee developed a plan to add white lights to the crepe myrtles downtown and to have a Musical theme on Sharpe Street in the sections from Highway 8 to North Street as a tribute to The Grammy Museum, a Candy Land theme on the block of Sharpe Street from North Street to Court Street, and a train theme for The Depot and Train Museum block of Sharpe Street.  The space at the south end of Sharpe Street will be reserved for larger decorations with a lot of lights.


Local businesses, individuals and civic clubs were asked to purchase displays as a donation to the City.  The response was overwhelming and decorations were donated.  We plan to expand on the lights and displays each year.  We hope that you will visit Cleveland this holiday season during our “50 Nights of Lights”.

Thank you to our donors!

  • Advanced Physical Therapy

  • Aguzzi Farms

  • Airport Grocery

  • Allen, Anna, Ford

        & Capps Sledge

  • Andrea & Will Janoush

  • Barbati Family

  • Baxter

  • Becky Nowell

  • Beverely Janoush

  • Beverly & Gary Fioranelli

  • Beverly & Jerry Short

  • Bolivar Medical Center

  • Bolivar Tire & Alignment

  • Bonnie & Doyle Tubbs

  • Boss Lady Pam Chatman

  • ​​Brett Boykin Family

  • Byas Funeral Home

  • Cannon Motors of MS

  • Chris Collins

  • City of Cleveland Public Works Department

  • Cleveland Board of Realtors

  • Cleveland Cotillion Club

  • Cleveland Country Club

  • Cleveland Exchange Club

  • Cleveland Funeral Home

  • Cleveland Heritage Commission

  • Cleveland Home & Hardware

  • Cleveland Junior Auxiliary

  • Cleveland Lumber & Supply

  • Cleveland Rotary Club

  • Cleveland Stag Club

  • Cleveland State Bank

  • Cleveland Volunteer Fire Dept

  • Cordelia & Charlie Capps

  • CP House Gas Company

  • Cynthia & Alan Morgan

  • D.E.H. Trucking Inc.

  • Debbie & Bill Powell

  • Debbie & Wayne Fioranelli

  • Denton Dairy

  • Desira, Rena, & Jenifer Coleman

  • Dr. Bob Ragan

  • Dr. Tom & Susan Wiggins

  • Durwood Long Family

  • Economy Parts & Tire

  • Eley McPherson Engineering, P.A.

  • Elizabeth & Frank Melton

  • Eric Fioranelli Family

  • Factory Direct Furniture

  • Family Medical Clinic

  • Fleming Lumber Company

  • Friends of the Library

  • Gainspoletti Financial Services

  • Gilbow's

  • Guaranty Bank & Trust

  • Company

  • H-Squared

  • Hampton Inn

  • Havens Family

  • Heidi's

  • Heslep Family

  • Homer Sledge, Jr. Family

  • Jacks Griffith Luciano, P.A.

  • Jackson, Braswell, Mullins,

​      & Bailey, P.A.

  • Jan & John Brown

  • Jane Dunlap’s Family

  • Janoush Family

  • Jed Turner Family

  • Judy & Joe Tranum

  • Kena & Alan Aguzzi

  • Lana & Greg Bates

  • Lee Havens Family

  • Libby Carlson

  • Linda Collins

  • Lucy Janoush

  • Margie Collins

  • Mary K & Billy Ray Perry

  • Mary Love & Pete Jones

  • Mary Parker & Ryan Redditt

  • Matt Wiggins

  • Maureen & Bucky Brooks

  • Mid South Water, LLC

  • Mike Sanders Family

  • Mosco Land & Realty

  • Nancy Havens

  • Needle Specialty

  • Neysa's

  • Partnership Properties

  • Pat & Paul Warrington

  • Patrick Davis State Farm

  • Paul Janoush

  • Planters Bank

  • Povall and Jeffreys, PA

  • Priscilla & Richard Aguzzi

  • Punkin Patch

  • Quality Steel Corporation

  • Ray Funeral Home

  • Regions Bank

  • Renasant Bank

  • Rimmer-Child Koonce Insurance

  • Robinson Electric Company

  • Rogers Entomological Services

  • Roy Collins Construction Co.

  • Serv U Petroleum Inc

  • Shawn & Brett Marchant

  • Shelby Air Service

  • Sonya Swafford

  • State Bank & Trust Company

  • Suellen & Mark Williams

  • Tabb Family

  • Taylor’s Air Conditioning & Heating

  • Ten Twenty Four

  • The Animal Shack

  • The Bolivar Commercial

  • The Warehouse

  • The Wishing Well

  • Wade, Inc

  • Wilma & Bob Wilbanks

Brown Brothers Scrap Metal, Bubba Murphy's Welding & Fabrication, Delta Meat Market, Delta Music Institute, Domino's Pizza, Entergy, Huerta Construction Company, J.W. Cleaning & Maintenance Co., Inc., Sherwin Williams, Sonic, and Walmart

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